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Dear Friends,

As those of you who have known us for some time are aware, we have through much effort and planning sought to establish a manufacturing base to better service our loyal customers with a more consistent supply of Moore & Bode Cigars and a platform from which to introduce new product formats within the Moore & Bode Family of Premium Cigars.

We are at this time very pleased to announce the establishing of our new manufacturing base in India. With the assistance of one of India’s most respected tobacco companies, this new manufacturing is being structured to Moore & Bode’s specifications and under its full and direct tutelage to be a seamless enhancement to the work we have so proudly developed since 1990. We are very grateful for their assistance.

The new product from India is scheduled to be in market by mid-September 2011 and will feature established Moore & Bode cigar blends and sizes as well as introducing new and unique premium cigar concepts very compatible with today’s market conditions.

We will work to regularly update information on our website regarding our company’s work and look forward to your comments or questions.


Very Respectfully,

Robert E. Bode

Vice President
Moore & Bode Cigars, Inc.
Miami – Mumbai